watering systems
If you want a garden area in a perfect state, you have to have a watering system which offers guarantees, able to deliver water rationally, to achieve a steady precipitation in all the area that needs watering, all according to the necessities of the ground, plants, etc… Consequently, you will be able to save an important quantity of water, making the initial investment for the installation something profitable.

To achieve that uniformity, a correct location of the sprinklers and blowers is necessary. This is the reason why SAR Girona, S.A., before deciding on what kind of watering to set up, will draw up a map of the ground, and will check the flow, the water pressure and the types of plants there are, so that we can choose the ideal type of watering for all moment.
The experience SAR Girona S.A. has acquired during all these years, with over 300 installations a year, allow us to make any kind of installation – a terrace, a golf course, parks, gardens, sports grounds, etc… using all the time the most appropriate watering system (spraying, microspraying, dripping…)
As for our company the main aim is our customers’ satisfaction, our technical and commercial departments will advise you about the best kind of watering system to choose, the most indicated one for your necessities, giving you a quote that does not commit yourself, whatever the size.
Thanks to the great human team of the company, we can give an AFTER-SALE SERVICE of support and maintenance that is both QUICK and PROFESSIONAL.

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